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Welcome to our blog. Here we will keep you up to date with what's happening in the Australian Rental Market, with a special focus on the Perth Metro Area, as well as tips relating to investing in property and property management. Enjoy!

Housesit questions to ask your host

13 Questions To Ask Your Host Before You Housesit

Why do we love to housesit? Well, imagine hanging out solo in a nice hotel room—but better. As a housesitter, you have more space, more freedom and zero money coming out of your checking account. Talk about a serious win! Still, this isn’t vacation. Housesitting is work, even if it feels like you’re living the…

Four steps to clear your debt

FOUR Steps To Clear Your Debts

Not all debt is created equal. Good debt makes you money – such as a mortgage on an investment property. You’re technically using other people’s money to create wealth through capital growth.  On the other hand, bad debt costs you money. Bad debt includes a personal loan for a new car or, worse still, using your credit…

How to clear up a green pool in six easy steps

How to clear up a green pool in six easy steps

Have you ever come home to your pool and found a swamp in its place? If so, then you have encountered the green pool. This is an issue that pool owners and tenants commonly face when they don’t regularly show their pool some tender loving care. After all, you can’t expect that your pool will…

Get Your Deposit Back: A Cleaning Checklist

Moving Out? Get Your Deposit Back: A Cleaning Checklist

People who rent tend to move house more often than those who own their own home. Moving is second only to a death in the family when it comes to anxiety-provoking life events, so it’s no wonder many renters are overwhelmed by the challenges of packing their lives up and moving. There’s also the worrying…

How to Save on Household Utilities

GUEST POST: How to Save on Your Household Utility Bills

Buying or renting a house is expensive enough without the added cost of your household utility bill on top. While necessary, this extra financial burden can sometimes make the cost of home ownership seem beyond the scope of your budget. It’s not uncommon to get caught out when an unexpectedly expensive bill arrives in your…

We Love Rentals rental bond loans and insurance

A new Bond Option for Tenants!

Bond Dispute – No More! A new product on the market in Australia will give tenants the option to pay rental bonds in installments and protect their money from being mishandled. BondSure will enable tenants to apply online to have rental bonds up to $5,000 paid on their behalf by the company, to be repaid…

We Love Rentals Be A Dream Tenant

Keep this in Mind and You’ll be a Dream Tenant!

If every tenant knew these ten things, life would be a little happier for everyone (especially the landlord!). It is super important to pay your rent on time This isn’t because landlords are greedy – it’s because landlords rely on that rental return for their cash flow to pay the mortgage, the expenses and make…