How to clear up a green pool in six easy steps

How To Clear Up A Green Pool In 6 Easy Steps


Have you ever come home to your pool and found a swamp in its place? If so, then you have encountered the green pool. This is an issue that pool owners and tenants commonly face when they don’t regularly show their pool some tender loving care.

After all, you can’t expect that your pool will just take care of itself. If you find yourself stuck with a swamp, then continue reading this article. You will learn step-by-step how you can turn that frog pond crystal-clear again.

What causes a green pool?

First, it’s important to understand what makes your pool to go green. What exactly causes the problem to arise? The answer in one word: algae. Algae is allowed to build up in your pool when there is a chemical imbalance. Thankfully, clearing up a green pool isn’t rocket science. Though, there is a little more to it than just dumping some chlorine in and trusting it will fix itself.

Follow the six-step process below and your pool should be clear again in no time.

Step #1 Check if your pool is too far gone…

If you have turned a blind eye to your green pool for weeks on end then chances are that you might have to call a professional pool service to take care of it for you. So, what’s the best way to determine if you need help? Generally, if you can see between 20-30cm into the pool, then hurray! You should be able to clear it up yourself. Any less than that, however, then unfortunately it is too late. Your pool will need to be drained, acid washed and then refilled!

Step #2 Test the water…

If you’re lucky and you’re on the safe side, you can continue on to step two – testing your pool water. Typically, when your pool goes green, it’s an indicator that there isn’t enough chlorine in your water. So, the first thing you need to do is test your pH levels. You can buy a test kit at just about any pool shop. Your pool’s pH levels should be lower than 7.2. If it’s not, then add about 4 litres of muriatic, let it circulate in your pool for about 4 hours and then test your levels again.

Step #3 Shock your pool…

Once your pH levels are right, you can now shock your pool. Evenly distribute about 2.5 litres of granular chlorine across the surface of your pool. If you would rather use liquid chlorine then add about 5 litres to your pool instead. Then, add some algaecide to kill the algae in your pool and prevent further growth. You can also add some flocculant at this stage as well. This will help the dead algae clump together, so that it’s easier to scoop up later on.

Step #4 Run your filters…

Once you have scooped up the dead algae, it’s time to run your filter. This will help you restore the chemical balance in your pool. How long you run your filter for depends on the kind of filter you have. Have a look below to find out how to run each kind:

  1. DE filters: Backwash your filter and add some DE powder then shock your pool as explained above. Once you have shocked your pool you can the run your DE filter for 24 hours – just make sure you have scooped out all the debris first!
  2. Sand filters: The process for sand filters is the same as for DE filters, except that backwashing should last 5 minutes.
  3. Cartridge filters: Cartridge filters are a little more complicated. You constantly need to check up on the cartridge and rinse it thoroughly to ensure that it’s in good condition.

Step #5 Brush your pool…

After you have let your filters run for 24 hours your water should look close to crystal-clear again. It could be a little cloudy, but you can expect that to go away on its own after a few days. At this stage, it’s time to start scrubbing anywhere you can see some green patches along the walls of your pool.  And don’t despair if they’re being stubborn and won’t go away – just keep at them until they budge.

Step #6 Don’t forget to show your pool ongoing TLC…

Once you’ve cleaned up your green pool it’s all about not forgetting to show it some love – even when it’s winter! Here are some tips for maintaining your pool during winter:

  • Throwing chlorine into your pool once a week won’t cut it. Instead, make sure you have a adequate chlorinating system.
  • Regularly clean your filters – once a month for DE filters, fortnightly for sand filters and every 3 – 4 weeks for cartridge filters.


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