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Welcome to our blog. Here we will keep you up to date with what's happening in the Australian Rental Market, with a special focus on the Perth Metro Area, as well as tips relating to investing in property and property management. Enjoy!

Can You Negatively Gear an Empty House?

Thanks to a strong demand for safe housing investments both domestically and abroad, new property developments have been taking shape in many parts of Australia, particularly in New South Wales and Victoria. Because of this demand, the country now has more than 2 million landlords. However, despite this rapid growth, many dwellings remain vacant, even…

We Love Rentals Land Banking How The Pros Do It

Land Banking How The Pros Do It

Many professional property developers use a strategy called “land banking” to stack the odds in their favour, so let’s take a look at what’s involved. How it works Land banking is simply the process of securing future property development sites today, at the current price. Many large property development companies buy Greenfield sites, farms or…

We Love Rentals Crash Course in Depreciation

Know Your Rights – Crash Course in Depreciation for Renovations

You could be missing out on thousands of dollars if you don’t understand your entitlements when it comes to claiming for renovations to your investment properties. Another blunder is if you don’t use a qualified quantity surveyor to prepare a tax depreciation schedule. Take our crash course below and you’ll be up to speed in…

We Love Rentals Productive vs Unproductive Debt

Productive VS. Unproductive Debt

Do you know the difference between productive and unproductive debt? A great number of people tend to have too much unproductive debt, and not enough debt that actually works for them productively to increase their wealth over time. The debt equation Let’s take a look at a scenario – say you have excess funds each…

Tim Lawless CoreLogic

National Perth Housing Market Update from CoreLogic

Released today, 14th September 2016: Please find below this month’s CoreLogic housing market update, presented by CoreLogic research director Tim Lawless. “The performance of housing markets has been diverse across Australia.  Most capital city housing markets are only showing subtle growth trends, while Sydney and Melbourne have stood out based on their substantially higher rates of capital gains…