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Welcome to our blog. Here we will keep you up to date with what's happening in the Australian Rental Market, with a special focus on the Perth Metro Area, as well as tips relating to investing in property and property management. Enjoy!

stamp duty what is it who pays and how much

Stamp Duty – What is it, Who Pays and How Much?

Today’s blog focuses on Stamp Duty relating to investment properties. Stamp duty – what is it, who pays and how much? It may be one of things we don’t want to think about, but depending on the property, or asset, you could be looking at tens of thousands of dollars in stamp duty to pay…

We Love Rentals property types that banks think are too risky

Property Types that Banks Think are too Risky!

Risky business – the types of properties banks get nervous about… Banks are being extremely fussy when it comes to lending money for a mortgage on what they consider risky properties. And if the banks are concerned about these types of properties so should you be – there’s no point trying to outsmart the lenders….

We Love Rentals One Bedroom Properties One For the Portfolio

One Bedroom Apartments – One For Your Portfolio?

With more young people opting to live in our inner cities, it seems the answer to maximising these areas lies in higher density accommodation, namely one bedroom apartment style complexes. As an investor, you have a distinct advantage if you can see where housing trends are heading into the future, particularly given that property investment…

Borrowing to Invest - 5 Myths Busted!

Borrowing to Invest – 5 Myths Busted!

There’s a lot of hearsay around that can prevent people from starting, or growing, an investment portfolio. Let’s take a look at five myths when it comes to borrowing money to invest. 1. Leverage is super risky Leveraged investing does come with risks but it also can come with rewards. The key is to understand…

We Love Rentals Air BnB Is it Affecting Our Rental Market

Air BnB – How is it Affecting Our Short Term Rental Market?

Is the AirBnB concept a money making machine, or a tenant and property management nightmare? Whichever way you look at it, it is a growing trend and a disruption to industry so let’s take a look at Australia’s Short Term Rental Report to learn more about the Short Term Rental (STR) trends across our three…

We Love Rentals How to Purchase Property with Your Family

How to Purchase Property with your Family and Remain Close-Knit!

Investing in property with your trusted family members has the ability to thrive, or the power to destroy – and the key is all in the foundation you start from. Who might this arrangement appeal to? Those struggling for loan approval on their own Those finding local prices beyond their capacity Those who want to…

We Love Rentals Do Real Estate Agents Make Good Property Investors

Do Real Estate Agents Make Good Property Investors (and vice versa)?

It’s no surprise many property investors, at some stage in their lives, have considered becoming selling agents.Probably because much of their time is spent searching for properties, inspecting them, imagining how they would improve them and how much equity they could make in 20 years’ time. With all this time invested, they might as well…

We Love Rentals Avoid These Property Management Mistakes

Avoid These Investment Property Mistakes

Avoid these investment property mistakes to ensure your success with investment property. Many new property investors feel overwhelmed when it comes to finding a suitable property, with all the advice thrown around. Many fear making a mistake and unfortunately some of these can be costly! Here’s our list of five big mistakes you can avoid…

We Love Rentals How Australias Rental Market is Going 03.18

How is the Australian Rental Market Going? March 2018 Update.

The latest figures released by show how the Australian rental market is performing across our capital cities here in Australia, so let’s take a look! Highlights: Demand increases for Perth rental properties with the velocity of properties turning over quickly and prices beginning to stabilise and, in the case of apartments, starting to rise…

We Love Rentals switching property management companies may be easier than you thought

Switching Property Management Agencies May be Easier Than You Thought

Many investors believe that shifting the management of their property to a new agency is either complicated, expensive or just plain hard (all excuses of which some agencies are happy for you to think!). When you feel you aren’t getting the service you require from your property manager, switching to a new team will often…

We Love Rentals Land Banking How The Pros Do It

Land Banking How The Pros Do It

Many professional property developers use a strategy called “land banking” to stack the odds in their favour, so let’s take a look at what’s involved. How it works Land banking is simply the process of securing future property development sites today, at the current price. Many large property development companies buy Greenfield sites, farms or…

We Love Rentals Sure Sign of a Softening Market

Sure Sign of a Softening Market

This week Landgate have released the latest EAS2 (Electronic Advice of Sale) Request figures, which show the number of requests received on a month by monthly basis. If we focus specifically on the figures for the last three years (pictured), you can see that we are well below where the market was sitting in March 2014 and…