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Welcome to our blog. Here we will keep you up to date with what's happening in the Australian Rental Market, with a special focus on the Perth Metro Area, as well as tips relating to investing in property and property management. Enjoy!

0% vacancy rate Perth rent market update JUNE

0% vacancy rate and high demand in June – Perth rent market update

A 0% vacancy rate in June at We Love Rentals…that’s a first! We predict the Perth vacancy rate will drop from 2.2% to as low as 1.5% in the coming months. The Perth rental market is certainly heading out of the woods… In the last 30 days We Love Rentals recorded 166 tenants enquiries and…

five winter maintenance tasks to protect your perth rental

FIVE Winter Maintenance Tasks to Protect Your Perth Rental

Wondering which tasks will help protect your Perth rental for winter? To help prepare your Perth rental from the next few months of windy weather, here’s our top five maintenance tasks to attend to. In our experience, keeping on top of these tasks can prevent 80% of the common maintenance requests our property managers deal…

property management in Perth

5 Low Maintenance Indoor Plants to Improve Your Mental Health

Feeling a little cooped up due to COVID-19? Try one of these 5 low maintenance indoor plants for your Perth rental and refresh your mental space… Did you know a study from 2015 revealed tending to indoor plants can reduce physical and mental stress? And leave you feeling comfortable, and soothed? Other mental health benefits…

perth property forecast 2020

Perth Property Forecast 2020

Perth property forecast 2020… 2019 brought some welcome relief for Perth landlords, with a surge in interest and applications on properties, faster leasing times, and finally some small rent increases for certain suburbs. So how’s the Perth real estate market expected to fare in 2020? Read the Perth property forecast 2020 below… Key takeaways from…

rent increase in 2020 Perth 2

Hoping For A Rent Increase In 2020?

Hoping for a rent increase in 2020? Key points: More rent increases in September and October! Perth rental demand is starting to outstrip supply Investor and first home buyer activity is picking up The WA economy is improving Experts predict further rent increase in 2020 Great news for owners! In the months of September and…

routine inspections property management

Routine inspections: How often do property managers do routine inspections, and what do they look for?

Routine inspections protect your property, and help your property manager flag any potential maintenance before they become problems. Read on to learn the core benefits of routine inspections for landlords, including: What your property manager will look for in a routine inspection How often your property manager will do routine inspections What happens if your…

should i sell my investment property

Should I Sell My Investment Property?

  Should I sell my investment property of 5+ years even though it hasn’t earned me any capital gains? The short answer is, no – if you can afford to hang onto it. Why?… “If you can afford to keep your investment property, you could sell for $40,000-$60,000 more in the next two to three…

risks of allowing pets at your rental 2

The Risks of Allowing Pets and How-to Protect Your Rental.

Thinking of allowing pets at your rental? Doing so can come with great rewards, like leasing your home faster, earning you a higher rent and securing a longer tenancy. But what about the risks of allowing pets? Pets can be messy and disruptive. And if you don’t have the proper precautions in place, they can…

three rewards of allowing pets at your rental

Three Rewards of Allowing Pets at Your Rental

Thinking of allowing pets at your rental? It’s a decision that comes with both risks and rewards – so it can be hard to know what the best choice is. With a good property manager, allowing pets at your rental can have great benefits – like putting more rent money in your pocket, and attracting a longer term…