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5 Low Maintenance Indoor Plants to Improve Your Mental Health

Feeling a little cooped up due to COVID-19? Try one of these 5 low maintenance indoor plants for your Perth rental and refresh your mental space…

Did you know a study from 2015 revealed tending to indoor plants can reduce physical and mental stress? And leave you feeling comfortable, and soothed?

Other mental health benefits of low maintenance indoor plants include:

  • Improved memory retention
  • Higher levels of creativity
  • Boosted productivity, concentration and self esteem
  • Reduced symptoms of depression, PTSD, ADD/ADHD and dementia

As most of Perth, WA and the rest of Australia will be spending a lot of their work and free time at home. (Bar the weekly trip to Woolies for groceries and #snaccidents)…

We put together this list of five low maintenance indoor plants for you. To help brighten up your home and promote a healthy mind and body during #selfisolation…

The best thing about these low maintenance indoor plants is:

  • You don’t need to water them much (they’re perfect for the ‘forgetful gardener’ types).
  • You don’t need much light, sun or space for them (they’re rental & small garden friendly, so your property manager will love you).
  • You can plant them in small or large pots – it’s your choice.
  • You’ll love their vibrant green, yellow or striped colour patterns.

Take a look below, and enjoy!

  1. Devil’s Ivy

6 low maintenance indoor plants to improve your mental health devil's ivy

You can train this vine to climb up or down your bookcases, side tables or cabinets, just lookin’ fabulous.


The beauty of devil’s ivy is it only needs a little bit of light to thrive (e.g. a room with one window). In fact, while a teeny bit of direct sun is ok, too much will burn its leaves.


Generally once per week during summer, and once a month during winter. The real perk of this hearty little plant is it will visibly wilt when it is dehydrated. And even then, you’ll still have a few weeks to water it before you do any damage. A general rule of thumb is to err on the side of less water than too much. If your soil is too wet, it can kill the plant.

Pot size

Devil’s ivy only need a small amount of space, like a 200mm pot, to grow to 10-20cm long! And you probably won’t need to replace this pot for a few years, so make sure you pick a beautiful one that is roughly the same size or a bit smaller than the plants root system (or an inch bigger if its roots are already tight knit).

Keep in mind

Devil’s ivy is poisonous if ingested so keep them out of reach from little kids and pets. The sap from the stems are also poisonous so if you’re giving it a prune be sure to wear gloves or wash your hands with anti-bacterial soap afterwards.

  1. ZZ Plant

6 Low Maintenance Indoor Plants to Improve Your Mental Health ZZ Plant

ZZ Plants can brighten up a hallway table, laundry or even a bathroom vanity with their glossy, green stems.


Not much light in your home? No worries. ZZ plants love rooms with low, indirect light (direct sun will burn their leaves), and they can apparently survive with fluorescent light alone – but they may grow slower than usual.


Just like the devil’s ivy, less is more when it comes to watering your ZZ plant. To tell when it’s time to give it a drink, press your finger into the top few cm of soil to check it’s nice and dry, and then give it a quick water. And if you forget a watering… or three… no need to stress, these plants basically thrive on neglect. They’re ideal for the ‘forgetful’ gardener.

Pot size

Choose a pot that will allow your ZZ plant one or two inches to grow. And make sure your pot has a drainage hole and saucer – you can often get away with not fully soaking this plant through. The one way to kill this ‘indestructible’ plant is through root rot (caused by overwatering and poor drainage) so take care that your saucer is never overflowing.

Keep in mind

ZZ plants are poisonous so keep them out of reach from kids and pets, and be sure to wash your hands after handling to remove any irritants and prevent skin reactions.

Bonus tip

ZZ plant cuttings can also grow roots in water and look amazing in a vase. Just cut a long stem off on an angle, and submerge them in your choice of water vessel. Our Property Manager Jodie has had two ZZ plant stems happily sitting in a glass vase for seven months (and still going strong).

  1. Mother In Law’s Tongue (Snake Plant)

low maintenance mother in law's tongue snake plant

Need a tall, striking plant to add some height to your home decor? This evergreen snake plant thrives on low-light settings so you can show them off in areas where other plants would likely die.


Just like the ZZ plant, Mother In Law’s Tongue likes dimly lit spaces, so they’re perfect for bedrooms, hallways, laundries and bathrooms, too. Direct sun is a big no-no, and can quickly turn the leaves dry and yellow.


Being a type of cactus, snake plants can go weeks between waters, so you can get away with watering them once every four weeks if they’re set in a dimly lit area, away from any air ducts or drafty windows. If they’re in a lit space near an air conditioner, their soil may dry out sooner, so you may need to water them once every two weeks.

Pot size

Snake plants are happy to be root bound, so pick a pretty pot you love and enjoy not needing to repot it for ages!

  1. Monstera Deliciosa (In Water)

6 low maintenance indoor plants to improve your mental health monstera deliciosa

Want an instagram-worthy centerpiece for your dining or hall table? Try propagating a monstera plant in a clear vase of water. You’ll enjoy beautiful, green heart-shaped leaves, and watch as the roots wind around the vase base.


Monstera’s are rainforest plants that love consistent, indirect light, moisture and humidity, so too much sunshine will dry them out. Be sure to place yours in a spot that doesn’t get any direct sun.


Montsera plants absolutely LOVE growing in fresh, clean water and are one of the easiest and fastest plants to grow roots. Just be sure to refresh the water once a week to keep it oxygenated and add drops of plant food regularly.

Pot size

Choose any sized vase you desire and fill the water up so that it covers the roots and not too much of the stems. You can’t really go wrong!



  1. Mint

6 Low maintenance indoor plants to improve your mental health

Pretty mint plants look gorgeous on a kitchen counter, and the best part is you can cook with them or use them to make a soothing cup of herbal tea. Two activities that are totally COVID-19 friendly, and great for mental health.

It’s true, they’re a little trickier to keep alive than the other plants on our list, but if you’re a ‘brown thumb’ gardener ready for a challenge, this one is for you.


Mint needs a minimum of 3-4 hours direct sunlight to grow well, so sitting your plant on a windowsill or balcony is best. Ideally a spot where it can get full morning sun, and partial afternoon shade.


Mint soil likes to be kept moist and drained so be sure to keep an eye on it and make sure it doesn’t dry out. With that in mind, overwatering mint is just as damaging as underwatering it, and indoor mint plants are more at risk of root rot. So, make a habit of checking how damp the top soil is before you give your mint a drink.

Pot size

The best pots for mint will protect the root system from overheating and will easily get rid of excess water. A good rule of thumb is to avoid terracotta pots as they don’t hold water well, and avoid dark coloured pots if the plant is sitting on a windowsill (it will radiate the sun and dry your plant out). Instead, pick a light coloured, ceramic pot with a few inches of room for your roots to grow. Your mint will love you for it.

Fun fact

Mint will take over your garden if you plant it outside, so it’s actually best suited to pot plant life.


What indoor plants are keeping you company during #isolife? Let us know in the comments, especially if they’re low maintenance and lovely looking (we’d love to add them to the list)!


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