Cannington Property Management Made Easy

Getting knowledgeable help for your investment doesn’t have to be hard. Whether you own one flat or five rental homes, you’ve got a partner in We Love Rentals. Cannington is a great suburb to invest in a smaller, more affordable property due to the low median age and high level of independent singles in the area. Whatever you buy, make sure it’s managed by our team for the best rent and the lowest vacancies.

With a predominantly unattached and young population, investors and would-be investors are advised to look at smaller dwellings including one and two-bedroom flats, homes and townhouses as demand for these is consistent and reliable. Our rental management services will help you make the most of any purchase you make in the area.

Convenient to Westfield Carousel and numerous public transport options, Cannington is a popular destination for anyone looking to commute to a CBD job. Just 20 short minutes from the city, this is an ideal location for professionals and office workers establishing themselves.

The Rental Investor’s best friend

Property management has never been easier than when it is with We Love Rentals. We’re different from the competition in two crucial ways: We only do management – we’re not dividing our attention with selling houses or anything else – and we don’t overload our staff. The industry average for properties per manager is around 150. All this does is ensure that no one landlord gets the attention they need. We cap ours at 80, so you know you’ll have more time to spend with our staff to ensure you get exactly what you want for your Victoria Park or Perth property.

Contact our office today and discover the difference. Call now on 08 6254 6300 and we can help you make your property stay competitive, lucrative and occupied into the next few years.