Why We Are Different


We Only Do Property Management

If you are looking to secure a long term tenant or just need someone to look after your home whilst you travel, We Love Rentals are the agency for you. The reason is simply put – we only do property management. Because we only do property management, our team are able to focus on only providing a specific, specialist property management service meaning our clients receive a prompt and efficient service.


We Cap Our Managements at 80 per Property Manager, Instead of 150

We know why some traditional real estate agencies have trouble focusing on property management. . . they overwork their property managers and then wonder why they have a high staff turnover and poor client satisfaction. As a specialised property management agency, we understand the workload of our team and what it takes to make sure our clients are happy. We Love Rentals has been created with the understanding that a realistic workload for each team member can transform the way our clients feel towards our service.

At We Love Rentals our service to you and your property will always be a priority. We ensure this by capping our managements at 80 properties per property manager; most other property managers in WA manage between 120 and 150 properties each, with the state average being 130 per Property Manager. As you can see this is a dramatic drop in workload for our property managers and when combined with our unique team structure, your decision to use We Love Rentals really is a no brainer.


We Have Access to ALL 4 National Tenancy Databases- most agencies don’t

It is important to consider the number of tenancy databases an agency has access to. Most WA property managers have access to only one database but We Love Rentals, has access to all four. At We Love Rentals, we make tenant selection a top priority when leasing out your biggest asset. We know that when you attract a bad tenant, you attract rent defaults, malicious damage, general filth and costly recoveries. To combat this, we have access to all three databases that are nationally recognised. Why take the risk with an agency that only has access to less.

It is especially important to have access to all databases when your property is in WA. Due to the mining opportunities here in WA, we are finding that 30% of our tenants are coming from either interstate or New Zealand. So if a potential tenant is only lodged on that one database that isn't predominantly used WA, you will never know about their bad history until it’s too late. At We Love Rentals the risk is next to nothing because if they’re on any tenancy database, we’re going to know about it!


Property Manager’s and Landlord Interests are Aligned

It’s quite simple; our landlord’s want a great service, decent tenants and the best possible rent. On the other hand, our property managers want to enjoy their work and be paid well. We have set up a salary structure that aligns our property manager’s interests with our Landlord’s. Our property managers have daily performance indicators to achieve in order to receive their salary bonus. Their targets include client satisfaction, completed inspections, rent arrears, and signed lease agreements. We Love Rentals have tried and tested this method and it works- our landlords and property managers both get what they want!


Your Payments are made when you want

Just like our property managers manage properties; our trust accountant only does trust accounting.

We don’t just give you the default option of receiving the rent at the end of the month. We give you the choice to be paid out as little or as often as you like. You can be paid on a particular date of the month, a certain day of the week, every fortnight or even at mid month - we are completely flexible. After all it’s your money and we will give it to you when you want it, you won’t be made to wait until we are ready.


Unique Team Structure

Our department isn’t run by people whose main interests is in selling homes. It is ran and operated by a team who purely cares about property management as a whole. We know that property management requires different skill sets to a sales business, so that’s why we have created a team with individuals who have those exclusive skill sets. You won’t find our property managers typing up paperwork, you won’t find our property managers dealing with new business and you won’t find our property managers doing trust accounting! You will only find our property managers doing property management.

We are very passionate about property management, which is why we have taken the care to ensure that each role within We Love Rentals is filled by someone who enjoys what they do! After all it is, you, our landlords who we need to keep happy- and how could we do that if we aren’t happy!


 Simple Inclusive Fee

We charge two fees and two fees only.

The first fee is a Letting Fee and is only charged when a new tenant needs to be found. This fee is one single fee and doesn’t change throughout the letting process.

We don’t charge extra:

          - For professional photography because we believe that this should be a standard and not a feature

          - If an extra viewing needs to be conducted, or a tenant would like to go back and take a second look

          - If your Property Condition Report takes us 3 hours or 6

          - If we need to contact relocation agencies to find that perfect tenant

          - If we need to arrange our tenant sign ups and inductions after hours

 We simply do everything to get your property leased- the extras are just a part of our standard.


The second fee is an all inclusive Management Fee.

We Love Rental’s will only charge you ONE management fee that includes everything we need to do manage your property. We don’t cap on the number of quotes we need to arrange, we don’t cap on re inspections or insurance claims that need to be done; basically we don’t cap on anything! We simply manage your property the way you would like it to be managed.

You will find that traditional agencies in WA will charge you for each day to day task separately and then they will throw in a miscellaneous fee for all the fees they haven’t thought of. In many agencies, you will find that even those property managers, who sign you up on an “all inclusive” basis, will not include court attendance, processing insurance claims, re inspections or even arranging quotes. We have everything covered under the one simple fee.

Apart from our fee structure being simple, it is also very safe. When ever we pay you the collected rent, you will always know exactly how much is going into your account. You can safely know how much there will be to pay the mortgage – even whilst you are on holiday there won’t be a worry.


Prompt contact

We understand the frustration that clients feel when their phone calls aren’t returned. To us you are a priority and all our phone calls are returned within a reasonable time frame. How can we guarantee this you may ask? We simply have the time to call you back because our property managers aren’t too busy managing too many properties and . . . . they care about you and your property.


Further questions? Why not call one of our property managers on 6254 6300.