Perth Rentals – Suburb Profiles

There are many different regions that surround Perth. From the city to the hills to the beaches you will always find something new and exciting where ever you go.

We have created a number of profiles on a diverse range of suburbs. This is to give those who are new to Perth and those who want to know more about Perth an over view of the different regions and suburbs. These profiles are also to help our clients learn more about the areas of the Perth metro area and to help in the journey of moving to a new part of this incredible city we live in.

There are a few different regions of Perth that must be understood before choosing a new area to live in. These regions bring with them a broad selection of lifestyle, from the laid back country living, to the semi -rural life to the suburban convenience and all the way to the fast paced city slicker.

Rural Living

The selection of rural properties within 100km’s of Perth is reducing. We are starting to see more subdivisions taking place with zonings becoming either residential, commercial or semi -rural. This has become most prevalent from Dandalup southwards and Northam in the north.

Semi- Rural

Semi- rural properties are usually between 50- 300 acres. These plots of land are usually hobby farms where owners spend their weekends and holidays. Semi- rural properties can be found between Kalamunda and Toodyay towards the northwest and Byford to Donnybrook in the south.

Special Rural

Special rural lots are smaller rural lots around the 2- 20 acre mark. There are usually many restrictions regarding the number of dwellings, sheds, animals and businesses that can be conducted on this land. These lots are usually within 70-40 minutes of the city. As Perth residential expands, we are beginning to see more of these plots being subdivided into smaller 1 acre lots with higher density living. These lots are usually well equipped for developers as there is often scheem water and town water to the site already. Special rural property properties are mostly found in the hills area from Dwellingup up to Bullsbrook.


Residential properties are situated over a stretch of 130km’s from Mandurah to Yanchep. There are many different types of residential homes on blocks under 4000sqm. Dwellings start at small units, flats and villas that are between 80sqm to 180sqm under the roof. The most common type of property is the residential house. Houses range from 1×1 to a 6×3 bedrooms and bathrooms respectively. Most houses have a garden or at least a small courtyard for outdoor entertaining with a patio area.

The Perth Metropolitan area is such a great part of Australia to live in. So whether you are renting out or buying your new home or investment property, ask We Love rentals® for a free rental appraisal today- because We Love rentals® are the Perth Property Management Specialists!