Fremantle is an eclectic and vibrant town that has history dating back to 1829.

When Captain James Stirling arrived in Fremantle, his purpose was to claim the land that was then named New Holland. Fremantle nearly didn’t survive the 1843 depression and was pulled back to life by the supply of 40 convicts that the York Agricultural Society demanded from the home land (England).

Now days Fremantle is a thriving metropolis both night and day and there is always plenty to do. Most visitors take a stroll through the markets, then have lunch at one of the 60+ restaurants, go for a swim at one of the four beaches and finish by relaxing and listing to some of the great local and international bands at one of the many pubs.

There is a huge community vibe that gives Fremantle part of its charm. The local council put on things like:

  • The Fremantle Outdoor Reading Room which is a nice place to read in the sunshine outside the library.
  • Kulcha dance classes. Kulcha is a multicultural centre based right in the heart of Fremantle on The Esplanade.
  • Fremantle Arts Centre holds concerts, portrait displays of local and international painters and photographers.
  • 11 Festivals that celebrate things from Indian food to a Children’s Fiesta. Probably the most attended festival is the Fremantle Festival, which is a true representation of the diverse arts that Fremantle attracts.

If you are looking for a true experience of community and lifestyle, the Fremantle is not only a great place to visit but an awesome place to live!

A huge part of Fremantle are the Fremantle Dockers who are a part of the Australian Football League (AFL). Fremantle Football Club dates back to 1890 when the club used to wear the classic red and white stripes. Now days you will see the club playing strong in the modern, iconic purple and white playing strip.

Fremantle Harbour is Australia’s largest cargo port and has been in use since 1829. Although, it was difficult for larger ships to enter the port due to a long rocky sand bar until 1845. Today, Fremantle Harbour is still in full use and is the port for sea containers, live export and many other types of cargo.

The Maritime Museum is a huge attraction for many tourists, schools and locals to visit. The Museum has several galleries that explain everything about the nautical past of Fremantle and Western Australia. Whilst you’re there you can also take a trip to a decommissioned sub marine. Inside you will see the small sleeping spaces, old dive suites and thousands of buttons will all different purposes.

As far as living in Fremantle goes, there are a number of different types of property to rent and buy. A large number of homes on the outskirts of Fremantle are Californian Bungalows that are highly recognisable by the short Italian looking pillars the hold the front porch upwards. These types were mainly built around 1913. The other main type of dwelling are federation style homes that were either built at the turn of the century or have been recreated by todays architects.

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