Why rent through us

As a tenant renting through We Love Rentals, you will soon realise that you are not just a number.


We truly understand the frustration that comes with outstanding maintenance, an unsigned lease and phone calls that aren’t returned within a reasonable time frame, if at all. At We Love Rentals you can be sure that we take all requests seriously and that we won’t hide our heads in the sand. Our current tenants are constantly satisfied with the way we handle all situations efficiently and effectively.


When renting through We Love Rentals, you can always be assured that you are dealing with a team who are here to help you. You are always welcome to ask questions and to talk to us at anytime during your tenancy. We don’t treat our tenants like numbers and our philosophy ensures that you will always feel respected.  


At the beginning of your tenancy we will supply you with all the relevant information to see you through your tenancy. We also provide, on the We Love Rentals website, comprehensive information regarding your tenancy and we are always happy to answer any questions that may arise.



Further questions? Why not call one of our property managers on 6254 6300 or click on the FAQs link below



Tenant Frequently Asked Questions…Click Here