Testimonials - don't just take our word for it. . .

"We can highly recommend We Love Rentals - always friendly, polite and very helpful" – Catherine

"We have had our unit in Perth Leased through We Love Rentals for over 2 years and have always found them to be professional, efficient and very easy to deal with. Living interstate, this is very important to us. I would highly recommend them to anyone with a rental property." – Harrold

"We have found We Love Rentals to be very professional, they constantly keep us informed of what is going on with our rental property" – Mr. & Mrs. Roberts

"Thank you Sarah for your commitment and loyalty while being in control of my rental property." – Perry

"Fantastic customer service & Friendly helpful staff who go the extra mile for you! Very Happy! – Ms. O'neill

"While the rental market is not as buoyant as it has previously been, we were able to secure tenants in just over two weeks" – Mrs. Payn

"Communication between myself(landlord) and tenant has always been mediated well by We Love Rentals" – Mr. Papworth

"I have been happy with your service, please keep up the good work." – Mr. Baddock

"Hi Simone, I have just seen the note from Rebecca at the bottom of the email to contact you to let you know how we are finding her service. We have found Rebecca to be extremely helpful. It is such a relief to have her looking after this property for us as there has been a lot of work to get it up to scratch and having her liaise with carpet places, electricians etc. has been fantastic. We could never have gotten around to it so quickly or efficiently as we simply don't have the time. Thanks" – Ms. Robertson

"Dear Simone, As per the invitation at the bottom of a recent e-mail to provide feedback, Jason and I would like to express our thoughts on the service that Sarah provides. We have found Sarah to be extremely helpful, friendly and courteous with any issues we may have raised and has always responded in a very timely and efficient manner. Sarah is a pleasure to deal with, both at the office, and when carrying out routine inspection at our unit, and always conducts herself in a professional manner. Compared to our dealings with other rental agents, Sarah puts herself in a much higher standard." – Mrs. Ryniker

"We find the services and communication from our property manager at We Love Rentals great! Thanks team." – Mr. & Mrs. Hartler

Ten out of ten - I know agents can sometimes have difficult work working with tenants and even, dare I admit it, hard pressed property managers but Ashley carries herself with aplomb, patience, dignity and quiet efficiency in all situations. ” – Mr. Thomas

We would like to inform you that we are very happy with Ashley, she does a good job, she is very professional communicating with us and keeping us informed about the property. It is a pleasure to deal with her. ” – Mr. & Mrs. Durbaca 

Since I have been dealing with Ashley at We Love Rentals I have nothing but praise for the way she works as a property manager. She is efficient, responsible, mature and pleasant. She gets straight onto matters and looks after both the Landlords and Tenants. You will have already realised she is an asset to We Love Rentals and should be retained as long as possible as an employee. If she treats all landlords the same way as she treats me (and I am sure she does), they will all love her. ” – Ms. Taylor 

I don't know if you have any sort of rewards program within your company. However I wanted to send through some formal feedback for my property manager Sarah. I bought my first house just over a year ago as an investment property. Obviously very nervous about the process and not knowing at all what to expect. I know that Sarah has only been managing my property for a short period of time. However she has really made this whole process a pleasure. In comparison to my previous property manager at a different company, Sarah has been approachable, friendly, kind and transparent. She has always had my tenants and my own best interests at heart. This is something that is important to me as this really helps make owning an investment property stress free and actually enjoyable. Unfortunately my living arrangements changed recently and once my tenants move out I am having to move into the house, but We Love Rentals, and Sarah are on the top of my list for when I re-rent the house out again. As I said I'm not sure if there is a rewards program, or some way Sarah can be formally recognised for what she does. But I wanted to let you know that she is an absolute gem and asset to your company. Thank you for all your support over the past year, and I look forward to future business with yourselves. ” – Ms. Haines

 “Thank you for the careful selection process for tenants at our property. It is very reassuring the steps We Love Rentals take to protect me from having bad tenants - the fee is worth it, for this sort of tenant screening, from my point of view. ” – Mrs. Taylor

Congratulations to Ashley, well done. I would also like to congratulate your team at We Love Rentals. I have been a landlord now for over 20 years, utilising many property agents across the country. I have never received such great service from ladies that are obviously dedicated in providing a caring and professional service of the utmost quality. We engaged your agency when we purchased our new home and decided to rent what was our primary residence. As you know, an investment property you once lived in always holds a special place in your heart, the ladies at We Love Rentals have always looked after our home and treated it with respect. We both wish you all the success and congratulate your team once again for a job well done.  ” – Mr. & Mrs. Rice

I just wanted to say that we were both very impressed with your kindness. It is very clear you enjoy serving others while you ultimately want what is best for your client, which we both think is admirable...and quite rare in the present market. I have often been frustrated with many real estate agents over the past 6 months as it becomes quite clear that they would be more happy to have the house sitting without tenants than inconvenience themselves. Both of my parents have multiple investment properties and I will be mentioning your company to them, and to any other people I know who are looking to have their properties managed. I was also quite impressed with your website, which is incredibly practical, easy to navigate and demonstrates your desire to well serve all of your clients.” – Mrs. Booth

I have been dealing with Ashley over the last week in regards to a ceiling that needs to be fixed at our property. Ashley has been very helpful and has kept me updated during the whole process. Every time I call her, she is friendly and always happy to help. Just wanted to let you know as I think she is an asset to your team. ” – Ms. Harris

I wanted to take the time to give you some feedback on my dealings with our property manager. She has looked after my property for the last year or two now and I cannot commend her enough. Her professionalism, experience and insistence to delivering only the best results are a credit to her and your organisation. My property has been high maintenance at times falling victim to extreme weather. She promptly bends over backwards to ensure the management of such issues promptly to ensure myself and the tenant are not adversely affected. I would offer her a job in a second in my organisation, were it not for the fact that she is too good to lose as a Property Manager! I cannot speak highly enough of her and I can confidently say I am a huge supporter of your company and have recommended you as property managers on multiple occasions to associates of mine in the market. Please pass on my appreciation. ” – Mr. Francis

"Just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate the bound End of FY Statements and invoices. It’s a great service, and definitely makes it easy to view all of the Invoices for R & M for properties during the year. I’d also like to say you guys have been doing a great job for us managing the properties, we appreciate it. Hope all is going well with you."-Mrs. Tolenen

“We Love Rentals services have been outstanding in the short time I have been dealing with you and I thank you for all your time and help. I will certainly return to you for business should the opportunity arise.” – Mr. Thornton

“Hope you are well. Just a quick note to let you know how pleased I am with the way our property manager is handling my property. I particularly like the way she keeps me informed and up to date . Much appreciated.”- Mr. Gale

“I am contacted when required, kept informed but I don’t need to actively do anything apart from making the occasional decision.” – Mr. Randall

"Sarah, would like to let you know I treasure Ashley's service. She is kind and patient with me which makes me feel important, thank you Ashley." -  Ms. Newton

"I think this link to your email address at the bottom of your company’s emails is an excellent idea. I would like you to know that I am very impressed with Ashley’s handling of a burst hot water tank at my Father’s property today. She was quick, onto the job, and very efficient. I have thanked her for this, but wanted you to know also." - Ms. Phillips

"Thanks for all your help Sarah. We have managed to get somewhere now. I will pass on your details to others in future, due to your helpful approach to our needs. You wouldn't believe how almost non existent that is in the rental market these days! Thanks again." - Mrs. Bostock

"We are very impressed with and appreciate your willingness and ‘promptness’ in dealing with requested matters and in keeping up a steady flow of communication.  Keep up the great work ethic and positive attitude." - Mr & Mrs Lally

Hi I would like to let you know we have rented for the past 15 years and had a lot of property managers Sarah Thompson is one of the best we have ever had and there has only been two that really stand out. When her business card says 'experience property management with passion' that is so true! Nothing is too much hassle for her, I would say this is one of the best real estate agents we have been with and its all because of her. ” – Ms. Bentley

I would just like to say that Ashley was a great help to us when looking for a rental. ” – Mr. Judge

Thanks so much for everything you've done and getting the house filled so quickly, you've done an amazing job, thanks for being so understanding we really appreciate it. ” – Mr. & Mrs. Diek

Not sure if I responded to you on this about Ashley and her work for you at We Love Rentals suffice to say she is most one of the professional and delightful young ladies I have met. She is an asset to your company that is for sure and her manners and nature make it a pleasure to talk to her, she never makes me feel uncomfortable when inspecting my rental property but she takes her time and inspects everything thoroughly. She is most helpful if I call or email and goes out of her way to be of help. It is unusual in one so young to be this good at what she does, so you must be very pleased she works for you. ” – Ms. Gair

While looking for the perfect rental property, I have been in touch with nearly all the property agents in the area. I have to say that our property manager's feedback was quite outstanding; swift, detailed and far-stretching (in that she offered to arrange a private viewing for us). Much impressed! ” – Ms. Scarpello

I would just like to say that my partner and I were both very happy with the level of professionalism and service given to us by our property manager Sarah. Being very new in the home market we were very unsure of the procedures and what to do. Sarah was helpful from the very first time I sent an email enquiring about the property. She promptly replied and I can say with no doubt that she was more helpful than any other property agent we spoke to. Sarah even organised two out of hours visits at the property because we were both working, not one other agent would do this for us, Sarah understood we were both working, myself in the city and very politely agreed to meet up with us at the house after hours for our benefit. Sarah was a major reason we decided to rent the property of Turner, without her help my partner and I would have not had the slightest clue what we were doing. Sarah even sat down with us going through the contract to make sure we understood everything before we signed. I cannot express enough how easy Sarah made the rental experience for us, she kept in constant contact with myself through email explaining to me what I needed to do and offering advice all the time, she could relate to us because we are both younger and really made the rental experience enjoyable. Thank you so much to Sarah and the rest of the team at Brendan Leahy Real Estate for making my partners and my dream of renting a house a reality. I will continue to keep using your company due to Sarah and the professionalism she showed throughout the whole experience.” – Mr. Finnegan

I have been dealing with Ashley over the last week in regards to a ceiling that needs to be fixed at our property. Ashley has been very helpful and has kept me updated during the whole process. Every time I call her, she is friendly and always happy to help. Just wanted to let you know as I think she is an asset to your team. ” – Ms. Harris

“I would also like to thank all of you girls down there at We Love Rentals for being so helpful and making renting this property a pleasurable experience over the last few years.” - Mr & Mrs McMeikan

"Just some feedback regarding Ashley Goad's service: Ashley is a real delight to deal with and handles matters promptly and competently. She follows up issues consistently and communicates what is happening to us (the tenant) at every stage. It is a real pleasure to deal with someone who makes you feel like she will go into bat for us if it is required- very rare in my experience. Thanks." - Mrs. Fowler 



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